Sister Sets

If you’re a mum of 2 or 3 girls, or even 4 girls (GASP!!) - we take our hat off to you!

We know how challenging it can be raising these strong, independent, caring and confident little girls.  If we had a dollar for the number of times we've said:

No, you can’t wear your singlet tutu outside with no jacket in this 5 degree weather’.  Or: 'I know she's cute, but please don't put your baby sister in the toy pram again!'

But you also probably know what fun it can be to dress your girls up in matching sets, especially when you have somewhere special to go to. 

We design each piece in every collection to be completely mix and matchable - making it easy for you to create looks for your little girls that complement each other beautifully but aren’t necessarily exactly the same.  So you can let their individual personalities shine through and dress them in pieces appropriate for their age.

Our sizes range from 3 months through to size 7, so there’s plenty of mix and match options for you to come up with.

We absolutely love seeing the combos that our customers come up with!

And if you need some inspiration, here are some Chloé and Amélie fan favourite combinations:

Lucy Locket Dress - Powder Plum

From left to right: Pudding and Pie Playsuit - Powder Plum and Little Bo Peep Blouse - Snow White; Lucy Locket Dress - Powder Plum.

As also seen on the @katewaterhouse girls:

Kater Waterhouse - Powder Plum Sets


Justy Olive


From left to right: Play Etc dress; Chloé and Amélie Here is My Handle Top - Floral Buttercup and Far Away Short - Buttercup FloralChloé and Amélie One Day Top - Powder Pink and Made Them Cry Shortie Shorts - Spot Broderie.


From left to right:  Mocking Bird Dress - Tea Rose; Over The Hill Dress - Floral Dusty Rose

We hope you have fun coming up with your favourite sets!

Big hugs
Sarah & Rach xx

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